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Introduction: 生物化學研究所

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2008 The 1.5 angstrom structure of endo-1,3-beta-glucanase from Streptomyces sioyaensis: evolution of the active-site structure for 1,3-beta-glucan-binding specificity and hydrolysis Hong, T.Y.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Meng, M.; Li, T.T.; 孟孟孝; 李天雄
2000 13C,15N-同位素標定核酸的製備 余龍蟠; Yu, Long-Pan
2012 -1計畫性核醣體框架轉移減弱子於不同細胞內功能之研究 陳政裕; Chen, Cheng-Yu
2005 Actinomycin D與單鏈核酸的結構研究分析(I) 周三和
2006 Actinomycin D與單鏈核酸的結構研究分析(II) 周三和
2009 Activation of the Promoter of the Fengycin Synthetase Operon by the UP Element Ke, W.J.; Chang, B.Y.; Lin, T.P.; Liu, S.T.; 張邦彥
2000 Association of the cytoplasmic membrane protein XpsN with the outer membrane protein XpsD in the type II protein secretion apparatus of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris Lee, H.M.; Wang, K.C.; Liu, Y.L.; Yew, H.Y.; Chen, L.Y.; Leu, W.M.; Chen, D.C.H.; Hu, N.T.; 呂維茗; 胡念台
2005 Associations of the major pseudopilin XpsG with XpsN (GspC) and secretin XpsD of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris type II secretion apparatus revealed by cross-linking analysis Lee, M.S.; Chen, L.Y.; Leu, W.M.; Shiau, R.J.; Hu, N.T.; 呂維茗; 胡念台
2005 Asymmetrical synthesis of L-homophenylalanine using engineered Escherichia coli aspartate aminotransferase Lo, H.H.; Hsu, S.K.; Lin, W.D.; Chan, N.L.; Hsu, W.H.; 詹迺立
2006 ATP-Binding 蛋白在第二型蛋白分泌過程中的功能分析 胡念台
2005 An atypical RNA pseudoknot stimulator and an upstream attenuation signal for-1 ribosomal frameshifting of SARS coronavirus Su, M.C.; Chang, C.T.; Chu, C.H.; Tsai, C.H.; Chang, K.Y.; 蔡慶修; 張功耀
2010 A型流感病毒H1N1之NS1蛋白其二聚體化對其功能之影響 鄭雅心; Cheng, Ya-Hsin
2008 A型流感病毒NS1蛋白與宿主因子結合之功能性與抗病毒藥物標的之可行性分析 張功耀
2009 A型流感病毒NS1蛋白與宿主因子結合之功能性與抗病毒藥物標的之可行性分析(I) 張功耀
2010 A型流感病毒NS1蛋白與宿主因子結合之功能性與抗病毒藥物標的之可行性分析(續)(II) 張功耀
2003 Bacteriophage T2之第二型DNA拓撲異構酶gene 52蛋白次單元的純化與結晶 詹秀倩; Chan, Hsiu-Chien
2003 BacteriophageT2之第二型DNA拓撲異構酵素gene39蛋白次單元的純化及結晶暨Corynebacteriumglutamicum中Prephenatedehydratase的純化及結晶 林其傳; Lin, Chi-Chuan
2003 Binding of actinomycin D to single-stranded DNA of sequence motifs d(TGTCT(n)G) and d(TGT(n)GTCT) Chen, F.M.; Sha, F.; Chin, K.H.; Chou, S.H.; 周三和; 秦可欣
1997 (Biol.NMR Supplement:854-858)Nucleic Acids Structure and Recognition Chang K.Y.; Varani,G.
2010 The cAMP Receptor-Like Protein CLP Is a Novel c-di-GMP Receptor Linking Cell-Cell Signaling to Virulence Gene Expression in Xanthomonas campestris Chin, K.H.; Lee, Y.C.; Tu, Z.L.; Chen, C.H.; Tseng, Y.H.; Yang, J.M.; Ryan, R.P.; McCarthy, Y.; Dow, J.M.; Wang, A.H.J.; Chou, S.H.; 周三和
1991 (Carbohydrate Research,222:121-129)Regioselective deacylation of Octa-O-Acetylsucrose:Preparation of Heptata-O-Acetylsucroses Chang K.Y.; Wu,S.H.; Wang,K.T.
1993 (Carbohydrate Research,241:327-333)Selective deacylation on the glucosyl moiety of Octa-O-Acetylsucrose by enzymatic hydrolysis -formation of 2,1',3',4',6'-Penta-O-Acetylsucroses Chang K.Y.; Ong,G.T.; Wu,S.H.; Wang,K.T.
1994 (Carbohydrate Research,265:311-318)Preparationof2,3,6,2',3',4',6'-Hepta-O-Acetyl-Maltose/Cellobiose by enzymatic hydrolysisof Maltose/Cellobiose Octaacetate Chang K.Y.; Ong,G.T.; Wu,S.H.; Wang,K.T.
2001 Characterization of differences between two Trichogramma wasps by molecular markers Chang, S.C.; Hu, N.T.; Hsin, C.Y.; Sun, C.N.; 胡念台
2009 Characterization of the RNA-binding properties of the triple-gene-block protein 2 of Bamboo mosaic virus Hsu, H.T.; Tseng, Y.H.; Chou, Y.L.; Su, S.H.; Hsu, Y.H.; Chang, B.Y.; 徐堯煇; 張邦彥

Showing items 1-25 of 458. (19 Page(s) Totally)
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